Hatha Yoga

During the Hatha classes the postures (asanas) are held for longer periods of time (linked with bandhas which are energy locks and breath awareness). The classes are suitable for anybody from beginner to advanced – you simply take yourself as deep as you wish to in the postures.

Hatha is made up of 2 words ‘Ha’ and ‘Tha’. In Sanskrit the word ‘Ha’ means sun and ‘Tha’ means moon or the male and female aspects of our bodies. So in effect the meaning of the word itself conveys the intention of bringing two worlds of opposition together. During the practise of yoga you try to bring balance between these two aspects, thereby bringing alignment to the entire system. For example when practising yoga you might find it easier to perform the posture on the left side as opposed to the right side. Thus, the idea behind Hatha is to bring balance to the body.

During these classes you will perform sun salutes to heat up the body followed by back bends, forward bends, spinal twists, inversions and a period of relaxation at the end.  These classes will leave you feeling refreshed, restored and stretched out.