Vinyasa yoga

The classes are Vinyasa (which means to flow with the breath). Postures are linked together with a Vinyasa. It is based on the Ashtanga system however I do not follow the exact sequence of the Ashtanga method. Our classes are a mix of Ashtanga/Jivamukti/Iyengar/Power Yoga/Hatha Yoga – taking a little from the different styles and bringing this mix to the beautiful art of Vinyasa Yoga (Flow Yoga).

During these classes you will be taught how to use the Ujjayi Breath which will definitely result in you improving your respiratory system, and which also develops an internal heat.

You will also learn how to engage three major energy centres (locks) in the body – which in turn not only protects your back but also stores energy/prana/life force inside your system.

You will always begin the class with sun salutes (Suria Namaskara A+B) which are fantastic to heat up the body. This will be followed by standing asanas – balancing asanas – forward bends – backbends – spinal twists – core strength training – hip openers – groin openers – inversions – relaxation.

Remember that each of these various postures (asanas) are linked together with a Vinyasa which helps to maintain the heat of your body and therefore make you more pliable (flexible). The Vinyasa is very important not only to make the spine more flexible but also to irrigate the spine with fresh life force (prana). The practise will not only improve your flexibility but also your strength, bone mineral density (BMD), lung capacity, cardiovascular fitness, weight loss and so much more.

If you want a strong, lean, healthy body this is the practise for you.