Yoga positively influences how you live, how you eat, how you breathe and how you think, as reflected through the five pillars of yogic balance, which symbolise all the elements essential for a balanced, healthy lifestyle:

  • Right Exercise: This means regularly practising asanas, and other forms of exercise, with good intention.
  •  Right Breathing: This involves working toward awareness of the breath at all times and re-establishing the deep, natural breathing of a child, which energizes your whole being.
  • Right Thinking: This entails decluttering your mind of its many scattered thoughts to increase your sense of clarity and calm, and cultivating a positive attitude.
  • Right Nutrition: This means being aware of what you “feed” and fuel your body with, focusing on a range of fresh, seasonal, nutritious food in moderation.
  • Right Relaxation: This entails taking time out to balance all the activity in your life with adequate rest to maintain a sense not only of physical relaxation, but also mental, emotional, and energetic relaxation, restoring and revitalizing your entire being.