Kundalini yoga instructor and life coach.

I have always enjoyed sport and for a long time I was focused on running and strength training in a fitness club. At that stage I used to think that yoga was not sufficiently challenging. But my first Kundalini yoga class, 5 years ago, changed my mind completely. The class was surprisingly dynamic and intense – and all my will power was needed to keep up with group during meditation part of the class. So, what do you think was my reaction? I fell in love with Kundalini as a new way to challenge myself!

Since then, I have been practicing very actively, and attended a number of Kundalini yoga seminars and festivals including White Tantra (which is one of the most important events for Kundalini yogis). It has helped me in the following ways: to develop a calm and quiet self-confidence, to free myself from negative emotions, to have the willpower to see through difficult projects, and make it easier stick to my plans and commitments.

And finally, my admiration for Kundalini yoga had grew to such an extent that I felt desire to bring this unique experience to other people.

I completed International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in the middle of 2018.

And I invite you to share experience of Kundalini yoga with me.


What to expect in Kundalini class?

Kundalini yoga classes are very diverse. They can be very physically demanding or more relaxed and focused on stretching. Classes begin with the chanting of a short mantra followed by a warm-up exercises to stretch the spine and improve flexibility. The main work of the class is called a kriya, which is a prescribed sequence of exercises that focuses on a specific area of the body. The sequence may consist of rapid, repetitive movements done with breath or holding a pose for a while breathing in a particular way. The classes end with a meditation (which can also be quite active and challenging) and a closing chant.

Is Kundalini for you?

Come and experience Kundalini if you want to develop strength, willpower, awareness and consciousness.