Beginners Workshops are held on the first Saturday of the month at the Monument Park Santosha Yoga and Health Centre (Crn. Okapi and Skilpad Roads, opposite Monument Park Shopping Centre, Pretoria).   The Beginners Workshop is designed for people interested in joining a yoga class or yoga beginner students willing to deepen their understanding of the class practice. It covers the explanatory description, demonstration and practice of basic asanas (postures)- including Sun salutations, standing poses, sitting poses, gentle inversions and relaxation- and  of pranayama techniques (breath work), as well as a touch on yoga philosophy. It is aimed at helping yoga beginner students to better enjoy their class practice once knowing more about the basic principles of yoga, while there is often little time for detailed explanations during classes. A booklet summarising workshop information is provided to participants.   Workshops start at 10.30 am and finish at about 13.30 pm. Cost  : R350-00/person. For booking, please phone: 082 416 2389 (Greg), or email : Please be advised that workshops will be held only if there are at least 5 people participating.

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