What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. 
Yoga is a practise that generates strength, fitness and flexibility, as well as bringing a sense of deep peace, discipline, and harmony to one’s life.

Corporate Yoga

Being a part of today’s working world means being a part of nagging deadlines, hours spent staring at computer screens, endless amounts of paperwork and business meetings that seem to go on forever – these are all reasons why increasing amounts of individuals seek refuge in yoga classes. But what …

Vinyasa yoga

The classes are Vinyasa (which means to flow with the breath). Postures are linked together with a Vinyasa. It is based on the Ashtanga system however I do not follow the exact sequence of the Ashtanga method. Our classes are a mix of Ashtanga/Jivamukti/Iyengar/Power Yoga/Hatha Yoga – taking a little …

Hatha Yoga

During the Hatha classes the postures (asanas) are held for longer periods of time (linked with bandhas which are energy locks and breath awareness). The classes are suitable for anybody from beginner to advanced – you simply take yourself as deep as you wish to in the postures. Hatha is …

Sleep and Cancer, Circadian Rhythms, and the Color Blue

Sleep hygiene is vital for nurturing our circadian rhythm, supporting our optimal health, and fighting cancer. Maximizing our sleep/wake cycles will leave us feeling better rested, happier, and more productive. Shutting off our phone, computer, and television earlier in the night will leave us with more time to read, sleep, and enjoy life. This excess time will also allow us to go to bed earlier as the sun sets and wake up earlier when the sun rises, just as our ancestors did for millions of years.